Faster and Safer in a Breeze

For Lyft Drivers

About Us

The BreezyRide Team is a group of individuals that has carefully thought to develop a resource that will help Lyft drivers avoid unnecessary risk for collisions.

This web application provides the following to benefit Lyft drivers:

  • Information to help drivers avoid areas prone to elevated risks.

  • Seek alternative safer and less congested routes


View the Accident Risk based on Zip Codes to visualize areas of high risk

Estimate the Accident Probability of your route


Enter your phone number to receive safety and
efficiency alerts during your travel routes!


365 Accidents in Maryland
31 Number of Severe Accidents
43 Mean Driver Age
80 Percent Male

Contact Us

If a Lyft driver has any questions regarding this website resource, the BreezyRide Team can be contacted using the information below.

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  • 10216 ITE Building
    473 Blue Bench Corridor Way
    Baltimore County, MD 21250
  • (415) 5BR-EEZY [415-527-3397]

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